Overview of Arrowsmith at HCA

"Some people think learning disabilities are lifelong….. we don’t"
— Barbara Arrowsmith Young

The Mission of Heritage Christian Academy is to equip students in a Christ-centered, Bible –based education enabling them to thrive academically, spiritually, physically and socially in a manner that glorifies God.

The mission of our Arrowsmith Program

To provide a classroom for students where they strengthen and develop their cognitive abilities, resulting in permanent change.

The purpose of our Arrowsmith Program

The purpose of the Arrowsmith program is to enable students to overcome cognitive learning dysfunctions, so that they will become life-long learners and will develop God-given skills to understand the world around them and pursue a Christ-centered life with hope and confidence.


The Arrowsmith Program is designed to identify and strengthen cognitive abilities in 19 different areas.  Instead of accommodating the students’ challenges, this program intervenes to build up new neural pathways, positively changing the various parts of the brain that are underperforming.  This transformation allows student’s access to information and abilities that were previously inaccessible.

What is the Arrowsmith Program all about?

Heritage Christian Academy is a Preschool – 9th grade Christ-centered school that strives for spiritual, academic, social and physical excellence for all their students.  As part of this plan, HCA is incorporating the Arrowsmith cognitive training program into its curriculum offerings.  It consists of two separate components.

Full-time class for students in grades 3-8. Time: 8:15am-2:45pm
Afternoon Program for students in grades 9-12. Time: 12:30pm – 3:00pm

The first component is the full-time class offered to students in grades 3 – 9.  Depending on each student’s individualized Arrowsmith program, students may attend their homeroom classes for Bible, PE and some academic classes.  Students will attend Arrowsmith classroom for 4 to 6 forty minute periods of cognitive exercises a day.  Being connected with their grade level peers for lunch, recess and special events such as field trips and various celebrations is an important part of our program at HCA.  This component is based on the regular HCA school day. All students at Heritage are involved in chapel each Tuesday. 

Students in the Arrowmsith program are required to complete two (2) forty minute session of homework 6 days a week. HCA offers an afterschool homework club.   From 3:00-4:10pm, students may remain on campus after school to complete two of their homework exercises. 

The second component is the afternoon class will be offered to high school students in grades 10 -12. These students are not enrolled at the Academy for their core academic subjects (9th grade is offered at HCA). During the morning hours, students will attend high school at their public/private school and will work on core credit classes during the morning hours.  In the afternoon, these students will attend HCA’s Arrowsmith program. The time of this program is from 12:30pm-3:00pm.  From 3:00-3:40pm, students enrolled in this program may stay on site to complete one of their homework exercises.

All students are expected to complete two forty minute sets of exercises beyond what they do in the school day.  This can occur at Homework Club at HCA or be completed at home. Students are also required to complete two (2) forty minute exercises each weekend.

The length of the time it takes for a student to complete the Arrowsmith program is between 1-4 years. This is depends upon the severity of the learning dysfunctions and your child’s motivation to complete their individualized program.

HCA recognizes each child as a special individual and is committed to providing a nurturing environment that celebrates them and comes alongside to help them reach their potential.  Our desire is to offer hope, understanding and success to students who need support to overcome learning challenges.

"Transforming minds, transforming lives."