These are the texts that our students use. However, middle school is about much more than academics! Learn more about our Middle School Program here.

History & Geography

Washington State History

The Washington Journey

  • Settlement of the Northwest

  • Missionaries & Fur traders

  • Political history

  • Geography

  • Washington Statehood

  • Significant historical events in the U.S. & how Washington was affected (i.e. The Great Depression, World War I & II, the Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War, etc.)

  • Industry

  • Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest

  • Modern Washington: Washington government & The state economy

Bob Jones

World Studies

  • Geography: Influence of geography on the development of civilizations.

  • History: Chronological and cultural approach to world studies.

  • Government: Comparative world governments in history.

  • Economics: Comparative economics historically and geographically.

  • Religion: Historical comparison of world religions (especially Islam) to Christianity.

  • Culture: Arts; sciences; ways of life in the past and present.


Excellence In Writing, Sadlier

  • Note Taking & Outline

  • Summarizing from Notes

  • Summarizing Narrative Stories

  • Summarizing References

  • Writing from Pictures

  • Library Research Reports – MLA

  • Creative Writing with Structure

  • Formal Essays: Persuasive and Expository

  • Formal Critiques

  • Writing Dress-Ups

  • Sentence Openers

  • Spelling

  • Vocabulary

  • Traits of Writing

  • Literature: Identifying Themes, Plot, Character Development, Conflict, and Climax.

  • Poetry/Prose Memorization

  • Speech Delivery

  • Literature Studies


Saxon Math

  • Course 2

Science - Life Science, Bob Jones

  • Foundations of Life Science

  • Heredity and the Origin of Life

  • Microbiology and Plant Biology

  • The Animal Kingdom

  • Interactions in the Environment

  • The Complex Design of the Human Body


A variety of selections is offered each semester, including PE, health, graphic design and coding, Spanish, drama, art, worship team and more!