These are the texts that our students use. However, middle school is about much more than academics! Learn more about our Middle School Program here.

History & Geography

Bob Jones

The American Republic

Geography: Geographic development of the United States through land acquisition.

  • History: Introduction to the history of America.
  • Government: Republican form of government under the Constitution.
  • Economics: Development and effects of inventions and industries; successes and problems of the free market.
  • Religion: Influence of Christianity on American history; influences of religious diversity.
  • Culture: Interaction of people, ideas, and cultures in America.


Excellence in Writing & Sadlier-Oxford

  • Note Taking & Outline
  • Summarizing from Notes
  • Summarizing Narrative Stories
  • Summarizing References
  • Writing from Pictures
  • Library Research Reports – MLA
  • Creative Writing with Structure
  • Formal Essays: Persuasive and Expository
  • Formal Critiques
  • Writing Dress-Ups
  • Sentence Openers
  • Writing Decorations
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Analogies
  • Literature: Interpreting Themes, Plot, Character Development, Conflict, and Climax.
  • Poetry/Prose Memorization
  • Speech Writing and Delivery
  • Literature Studies


Saxon Math

  • Course 3


Purposeful Design

Earth and Space

  • Earth & Space
  • Geology
  • Geological Changes
  • Dynamic Earth
  • Water & Water Systems
  • Oceans
  • Meteorology
  • The Environment
  • Astronomy


A variety of selections is offered each semester, including forensic science, journalism, drama, art, and more!