Academic Excellence: A Heritage Distinctive

The desire for your children to receive an education that will help them thrive, compete and achieve throughout their life is your primary objective when selecting a school. Heritage Christian Academy truly delivers value beyond what you may expect in this regard. Students who go through our program at HCA demonstrate high mastery in core content areas.

Heritage Christian Academy adheres to "Kingdom Education Principles" that drive biblical integration into every aspect of the school. Central to our purpose is equipping students with a biblical worldview. By the age of thirteen, most children will have acquired the set of beliefs and values that will carry them throughout their lives. Although two-thirds of all teens in the United States say they are very familiar with the major teachings of Christianity, over half of all teens believe that Jesus was a sinner and that Satan is not a real being. According to research conducted by Christian apologist, evangelist and writer, Josh McDowell, 90% of all students leave the church within a few years of graduating from high school. Students imbued with a biblical worldview remain in the church.

Family Focus: A Heritage Distinctive

When you join the Heritage family, it feels exactly as it sounds, you become "family." That means we care about you and your goals and aspirations. We seek fellowship with you and want you to become a familiar face in school activities and programs. Here you can cultivate Christian friendships for your children as well as for yourself, personally.

Heritage Christian Academy is dedicated to a family orientation that cultivates relationships between teachers, students, and parents. Our mission is to assist families, and we take that mission seriously. Some schools would rather have parents drop their kids off at the front of the school and never get involved in the life of the school. Our stance is that education is the parent's responsibility, and that we become an extension of the family in providing part of that education on behalf of the parents. We want every parent involved in the life of the school.

While you are certainly able to simply drop-off and pick-up your children day-to-day, by doing so, you will miss out on so much of what Heritage is all about. Your children will be greeted with hugs and smiles by teachers and staff who are part of their every-day education and fellowship.

Weekly chapels enable you to come and worship the Lord with your children, Prayer meetings enable you to have a group of fellow Christians with whom you can share burdens and assist in their prayer requests.

Safety and Security: A Heritage Distinctive

Your peace-of-mind while your children are in school is a critical part of what Heritage Christian Academy offers. We take very seriously the charge of shepherding our students safely through the day. Whether dealing with day-to-day risk management or having methods and procedures for handling natural and man-made disasters, Heritage possesses a comprehensive set of plans and resources for making your children safe while in our care. We comply with all state-mandated emergency preparedness requirements and we differentiate ourselves from other regional schools with the extras that will help you to feel better about leaving your children here, more than anywhere else:

  • On-site nurse
  • Before and After School Care program for children in Kindergarten and older
  • Video Security
  • Visitor badge & sign in/out
  • Full staff of recess supervisors (who are most often moms at our school!)
  • Covered Playground (for wet-weather outdoor activities)
  • Less than a mile from Bothell Police and Fire Stations with an estimated response time of 3 minutes
  • Less than 5 miles from Evergreen Hospital and Emergency Medical Center
  • Automatic Electronic Defibrillators on-site
  • Annual first-aid training for all staff
  • Annual disaster preparedness training
  • Disaster preparedness kits in each class
  • Additional multi-day survival equipment and supplies stored on-site
  • All classrooms located behind locked security doors

On-site Nursing

An important distinctive of Heritage Christian Academy is our on-site nursing care. As opposed to on-call district nursing or the absence of any medical care at all (as in other school systems), we take seriously the need to have an on-site medical professional to care for your children, whether for specialty medical or injury/sick care.

Our nurse is on-site Monday - Thursday 9:15am to 2:15pm.

Duties & Repsonsibilities

  • Maintain and update immunization records for all students and report to Washington State Department of Health yearly, as mandated by the state.
  • Vision screening and hearing screening for grades K-3, 5, 7 and 9 yearly in the fall, as mandated by state.
  • Scoliosis screening for grades 5, 7 and 9 in the spring, as mandated by state.
  • Provide first aid to all students, staff, parents and anyone on the premise of HCA.
  • Compilation and documentation of all students who have health concerns which need to be monitored during their time in school and on field trips.
  • Stock and replenish all first aid kits on premise.
  • Work with parents of students with "life threatening conditions" to create plans that will ensure their safety and health at school if any emergency should arise.
  • Monitor and give regular care to students with chronic medical conditions.
  • Responsible for the medical component in the emergency preparedness plan for HCA.
  • Maintain good communication with staff and parents when pertinent information is needed due to an outbreak of a communicable disease. Write and distribute letters to inform parents of certain outbreaks in their students' classroom.
  • Provide written communication per teachers' request for issues of safety and good health hygiene.
  • Per teacher's request, share in classrooms on medical topics/procedures with students.
  • Education of staff, as needed, through in-service training on certain medical conditions, how to address them and their roles in care.

Emergency Preparedness Planning

Heritage Christian Academy has had an emergency preparedness plan for over 16 years. Our plan has been tested in actual events and has been proven successful. The staff is divided into emergency response teams and most have been certified in CPR and First Aid. We are known to have one of the best emergency management plans for schools established in this area. We love your children and have made every preparation to care for them in an emergency situation until you are able to meet them at school. We hold several drills throughout the year for the staff and students. As each drill is held, those involved become better trained and more confident in the event that an actual emergency does occur.