Full-time AP

Full-time AP students attend school from 8am (middle school) or 8:15am (elementary school) to 2:45 on a daily basis. This schedule permits the students to complete six periods of cognitive programming that are assigned by specialized Arrowsmith Program Coordinators. Elementary students have three recesses each day as well as a specialist (PE, music, art, or library) each day. Middle school students have transition periods between the periods of work and they attend PE multiple times each week. All students attend chapel weekly.

Part-time AP

Part-time AP students attend school 1 to 3 Arrowsmith classperiods each day. All exercises are assigned by specialized Arrowsmith Program Coordinators. Each period of Arrowsmith training is 40 minutes in length. 


The Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment Battery is available as a stand-alone test administered by a trained Arrowsmith staff member. This test measures a student’s current cognitive strengths and deficits. Results of this battery of tests offer explanations regarding the social and academic impacts that these cognitive areas may have on a student.


Typical AP Students who average out in all cognitive areas pertaining to executive function are eligible to enter the BRIDGE Program. After students are tested to identify their individual academic needs, they begin a tailor-made, self-paced academic program designed to help them bridge the gap between their current academic skills and the skills required to enter a traditional classroom.

The Academy

Heritage uses a traditional curriculum with modern teaching methods. Students average two-and-a-half years above grade level on nationally-normed tests. Elementary students enjoy classes taught by specialists in Computers, Science Lab, Music, Art, and PE. Students have the opportunity to experience up to six field trips a year. These range from The Nutcracker Suite and other musical and drama productions to trips to the Seattle Aquarium, Museum of Flight, Pacific Science Center and local pumpkin farms. Students in the Fifth Grade go to Camp Casey for three days to experience an outdoor education camp. Our elementary chess club has enjoyed much success at the local, state and national competition levels. In fact, our Kindergarten chess team recently placed first in the nation. 

Since Heritage Christian Academy is uniquely situated in the heart of the most technologically advanced cities in the US, our middle school program concentrates on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).  Students are able to explore scientific principles in our state-of-the-art science lab, design and construct robots as part of our robotics program, and use various tools and technologies as part of their daily curriculum. Heritage also offers a wide array of electives to students, encouraging students to try new things.  From American Sign Language to forensic science to journalism, students are free to explore a wide range of exciting opportunities.