Scrip is a gift certificate program with Great Lakes Scrip Company. As a school organization, we are able to buy gift certificates/cards (referred to as scrip) from merchants at a discount and resell them at face value, thereby raising funds for families and the HCA-PTF. Scrip certificates and cards can be used just like cash at the participating stores.


Our program has helped parents earn thousands of dollars in tuition credit. Through the Tuition Assistance Program with Scrip (TAPS) you have the opportunity to receive credit toward your child's tuition.

Here is how it works. First you purchase scrip card(s) and you use them at the designated retailer. The related discount for each scrip purchase is automatically tracked throughout the year. On the final tuition bill in May, your family will be given a tuition credit equal to 75% of the discount earned throughout the year. Your scrip purchase must generate a minimum profit of $50 per year to qualify for TAPS.

Any family members or friends who orders Scrip on your behalf will qualify towards your family's tuition discount total.

If you wish to help another family and/or an HCA-PTF program you may designate that family/program at the bottom of this form.


Various Scrip cards are kept in the school office and are available for sale daily. Scrip orders usually are placed every other week but we will occasionally change the frequency based on demand. You can get an order form from the office (and from the link below) or you can shop online at ShopWithScrip.com. If you choose to order online you will need to contact the Scrip Coordinator so your online account can be established. Also, you must fill out and return the Family Sign Up Form to the office.


If you have any questions, please contact Therese Strothman at HCAScrip@HCABothell.org.