The Elementary department of Heritage Christian Academy offers a complete Christ-centered education for our Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students.

Spiritual Growth

In addition to Bible, which is a required academic class, there is complete integration of biblical principles throughout the curriculum. Chapel is a weekly event with a focus on worship and a variety of speakers, missionaries and groups presenting the gospel to our students. Classroom teachers seek to provide opportunities for service in the community and around the world as they strive to develop an attitude of giving among our students and families. Teachers lead daily devotions with students to further develop spiritual growth.

Academic Success

Heritage uses a traditional curriculum with modern teaching methods. Students average two-and-a-half years above grade level on nationally-normed tests, not because they are all above average, but because the best is expected from each student. Elementary students enjoy classes taught by specialists in Computers, Science Lab, Music, Art, and PE. Students have the opportunity to experience up to six field trips a year. These range from The Nutcracker Suite and other musical and drama productions to trips to the Seattle Aquarium, Museum of Flight, Pacific Science Center and local pumpkin farms. Students in the Fifth Grade go to Camp Casey for three days to experience an outdoor education camp. Our elementary chess club has enjoyed much success at the local, state and national competition levels. In fact, our Kindergarten chess team recently placed first in the nation.

Physical Fitness

Physical education is taught by a specialist two times a week for our elementary students. Soccer, volleyball, basketball and baseball are some of the units taught, along with games and activities which help students develop healthy lifestyle choices for their future.

Social Climate

In addition to having loving teachers in the classroom, students have access to a wonderful recess and playground area. Students are supervised by recess teachers, providing a safe and secure environment for all students. Biblical principles in discipline are taught throughout the school both inside and outside the classroom. The emphasis is the development of young people who reflect Christ's love in all they do. Our desire is to work hand-in-hand with families to develop young people with a heart to serve God as they thrive and are challenged to excel in classroom and social settings.

Computer Literacy

Our goal is to increase faculty use of existing technology and to implement new technologies as they become available. We strive to utilize this technology to better communicate with students and parents. Most classrooms are equipped with the latest in ActivBoard technology, which makes Heritage Christian Academy one of the most technologically advanced schools in the area. Activboards transform a computer and projector into an interactive tool for whole-class teaching and learning. Teachers and students can access any computer application, including the Internet and CD-ROMs, by touching the interactive whiteboard's large, touch-sensitive surfaces. They can write over applications in digital ink and then edit, save, print or post their notes online for future reference.

The mission of the Heritage Christian Academy's computer literacy program is to encourage and promote the effective use and integration of technology within the learning process, expands the technical skills of our teachers, and provides adequate funding for the implementation of the plan.

Our vision for technology at Heritage Christian Academy is to foster an environment that continually promotes academic excellence through the use of current and new technology. We envision a school that utilizes ActivBoards in each and every classroom recognizing the importance of technology in support of academic goals.

Elementary Specialists

In addition to the daily classroom curriculum and activity schedule, our students also participate in Physical Education Programs, Computer Labs and Music Classes, led by a talented group of specialists who are trained in those unique areas of development.