Support • Challenge • Cultivate • Grow

The Learning Success Center was designed to cultivate student success by supporting and challenging our students. To cultivate implies to promote or improve the growth of a plant with labor and attention. Just as a plant needs such attention, so does a child. The mission of the LSC is to create opportunities for our Heritage students to grow and blossom in academics as well as social and behavioral skills. The LSC has created several programs that will support and challenge our students in their specific needs. 

Our goal is to serve our families through the following programs and services. For more information ont he services of the Learning Success Center, please call 425-485-2585 or email Stephanie Mosset at or

Learning Success Center Programs


Student Support Services

The LSC provides fee-based tutoring before and after school. Contact Stephanie Mosset at for names and fees of available tutors. 

Fee: $40.00 to $60.00 hourly based on individual tutor rate.

Middle School Study Labs

Reading, Math, and Study skill labs are available for middle school students during electives. Students will receive academic support from an LSC teachers based on individual need. Contact your student's teacher for more information.

Fee: $100 per month for 2 weekly sessions

Social Skills Support

Lunch & Chat is a program designed to support individual or small groups of students needing additional support with social skill success. Students meet in the LSC with staff using Julia Cook's social skills curriculum. Contact your child's teacher for more information.

Fee: $50.00 per month (3-month minimum commitment)

Elementary Math Support (grades 3-5)

Third through fifth grade students receive additional support as needed with math concepts and skills. LSC teachers work with a small group of students to reinforce concepts and skills in the student's class. Services are offered two days a week for in-class support. Contact Stephanie Mosset at

Fee: In-class support $100.00 per month

Pull Out Support

The LSC offers one-on-one and small group instruction for students needing additional support or challenge in academic areas. This would include enrichment and remediation. These groups meet in the LSC. Contact your teacher or Stephanie Mosset to discuss a plan designed to meet your child's unique academic needs. 

Fee: $150.00 per month for 2 weekly sessions

Independent Study

Children testing two grades above their current grade in math qualify for an independent study taught by LSC staff. This is determined by the student's teaching team based upon maturity and placement tests given by classroom teachers. See the Advanced Math Placement plan for more details.

Fee: $200.00 per month for 3 weekly sessions

Advanced Math Placement 

Here at HCA we offer math advanced placement options. See math placement procedures and contract forms to learn more or contact Stephanie Mosset at

No fee is required. 

504 Individual Accommodation Plans

A 504 plan outlines your child’s specific needs through accommodations, modifications and other LSC services.  Two plans are offered at HCA.  For more information contact (attn:  LSC)

Fee: Annual fee of $200.00


Testing Support

For students needing support while testing, the LSC can administer oral testing or one on one testing as an accommodation per instructions in the 504 plan.

Fee: $50 per month